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If you do any sort of creative design, then prepare to be amazed.

The good people at Design Cuts have put together a massive end of year bundle of over 9gb of design elements for the grand price of $0

It includes some really cool high quality vectors, fonts and textures

This was too good not to share.

You can find the bundle here :

We have no association with Design Cuts, but we do love their work.

An added bonus once you get to the download page, is that they also have another 8 poster and graphics bundles to give away.

Freebie_downloads___Design_Cuts 2









Once you have access, they will email deals a couple of times a month, however the quality and price of the design Cuts deals make their mailing list a pretty good place to be.

It looks like the offer expires around the 4th of January 2016 – so get your skates on…..

Enjoy, and have a safe Christmas Holiday season and a fantastic 2016




Writen by Alan

Born in Somerset England in the 60's artist and illustrator Alan now calls rural Tasmania home.

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